IDEAS - Staff Suggestion Scheme (SSS)

Staff Suggestion Scheme (SSS)


Operating a successful Staff Suggestion Scheme (SSS) is not easy!

Many organisations embark on a Staff Suggestion Scheme with the hope of developing what Peter Drucker calls, “a thinking workforce”. But to their disappointment, what they often achieve is more of a complaining workforce. Instead of suggestions that help to solve problems and raise quality and productivity, much of what they receive are feedback which merely point out the problems without offering practical solutions. Rarely do they receive suggestions that are well thought-through and carefully written.

Is your company in such a predicament?

To overcome this problem, the management must do 3 things (at least):

  1. Set clear standards of what is meant by a quality suggestion
  2. Train all staff in how to spot opportunities for improvement and how to write a quality suggestion.
  3. Train managers and supervisors to guide their subordinates in writing suggestions.

In fact, a study mission on Suggestion Schemes in Japan organised by the National Productivity Board in 1987 found that training staff in how to make suggestions was a common practice among outstanding organisations like Toyota and Matsushita.

Towards this end, we have specially developed a series training programme entitled Ideas@Work to help you to better manage your staff suggestion scheme. At the same time, you can also engage our consultants to guide you in your efforts.

This latest book is now released! (see below)

IDEAS - Staff Suggestion Scheme (SSS)


It’s been almost a quarter of a century since the publication of Masaaki Imai’s bestseller, Kaizen, The Key to Japan’s Competitive Edge, and still few companies outside Japan fully understand how to make the suggestion system work. Many companies that embarked on a staff suggestion system have encountered problems such as low participation, poor quality of suggestions and lack of support from the managers.

In this book, Lam Chun See, a management consultant with more than twenty years of consulting experience in Japanese productivity systems will help you to understand the root causes of these problems and how to overcome them. Written for managers, this book will teach you:

 How to design, manage and promote the staff suggestion system

 How to encourage and empower your subordinates to make more and better quality suggestions

 How to guide your subordinates in the correct technique of writing suggestions

This book is a must-read for all managers even if your company does not have a formal staff suggestion system.

The Staff Suggestion book is to help all HR (human resource) managers, directors to implement a SSS programme to tap into their employee's ideas.


A. 1 employee with 1 idea per month = 12 ideas per year.

B. 1 idea saves USD1 per day, total per year = USD 365 (or USD366 during leap year).

C. Just 1 book for whole company = what is the cost of just one book? Not even to fill up 1 fuel tank! 


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(Now 1 August 2014)